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Best fitness machines for your home gym

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Multi gym for body weight workout

The best home gym multi gym for exercise at home.

The effective treatment and prevention of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Low impact on joints exercises, which are also suitable for seniors and individuals with overweight.

Fitness machine that saves space and time

Best home gym equipment.

Complete gym equipment for the price of one professional portable machine. Fix it to a door frame at home or to a branch outside and do your workout at any time.

Joints-friedly workout at home

The best fitness machine for workout at home.

Unique bodyweight exercises focused on a harmonious strengthening of entire body. Supporting mental and physical endurance, weight loss and proper posture.

Online home gym workout videos for fitness machine XUP

High-quality fitness machine for home. Made of stainless steel and aluminum.


What media wrote about XUP

"A complete gym in a bag to be fit at any age."
"A unique tool that facilitates every movement."
"His machine saves joints and exercises every muscle."
"Golden Czech Hands – about the XUpTrainer."
"Listen to an interview with a coach how to exercise healthily."
"Home gym revolution, your joints delight too."
„Simply said, where TRX ends, XUP just begins.“
„For those who have no time is XUP a great solution.“
„The gym in a bag that exercises entire figure.“

Experiences of XUpTrainer® fitness machines owners

I was surprised with the number of different exercises offered by the XUP Trainer system that provide focused effort with results on all muscle groups on my body. The mechanical pulley system provides a smooth and comfortable range of motion and utilizes my own body weight as resistance. I highly recommend the XUP trainer to achieve the results you are looking for.

Paul S., age 47

I purchased the XUP trainer in order to exercise in my home office in a small apace. XUP trainer allows me to do this. I get a whole body workout with 30 mins without any need for free weights or other bulky equipment. If you have a time pressured life, but want to find time for exercise, then I can recommend XUP as the ideal solution.

Mark R., age 54

The movements with the equipment are smooth and I like that I can change the difficulty of exercises very easily. This piece of equipment does not take up much space in my home gym, is one I can use safely by myself and does not require the use of weights or additional equipment for optimal results which is fantastic.

Moira R., age 17

The X-Up Trainer provides a full body work out through the use of your body weight as resistance. There are a variety of exercises that are challenging and engaging to keep you motivated while you work out using the X-Up Trainer. It is a nice alternative to other body weight training equipment or programs. Give it a try!

Kim S., age 48

X-UP Trainer je naprosto geniální řešeni pro domácí cvičení. Velmi oceňuji úsporu místa v bytě a přesto hravě nahradí velké množství strojů, které jsou v posilovně a zadruhé mi umožnuje dělat cviky, které bych sama na podložce nikdy nezvládla. Snadno a rychle procvičím celé tělo. Můj trénink s X-UPem dostal úplně nový rozměr a dnes si již nedovedu představit cvičení bez něj.

Vlaďka N., age 43

Jako člověk, který potřebuje své tělo v kondici, abych mohl dobře vykonávat svou profesi filmového kameramana, oceňuji na Xup Traineru, jeho ohromné možnosti které nabízí. A i přesto, že jsem někdy unavený a do cvičení se musím nutit, mám vždy dobrý pocit, protože cvičit s Xupem, neboli houpačkou, jak Xup nazývají mé děti, je navíc neskutečná zábava.

Pavel B., age 42

Xup Trainer je skvělý cvičící přístroj, díky němuž jsem zpevnila a zformovala celou postavu, aniž bych přetěžovala bolavá záda. Je to výborný pomocník pro každodenní cvičení.

Aneta K., age 24

Ten výrobek určitě doporučuji, přinesl do mého cvičení oživení, nové cviky a mám pocit, že pomáhá provádět i náročnější sestavy, které bych bez něho nemohl cvičit, takže vám zvýší i sebevědomí.

Vladislav S., age 53

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The best home gym fitness machine and multi gym for workout at home XUpTrainer®

You might be wondering why the Czech patent should be the best home gym fitness machine and at the same time the best fitness multi gym for exercising at home. Let's look together at the main advantages of this fitness multi gym at home.

1. The entire fitness machine weighs 4.5 Kg, is easily and quickly portable and fits into a small bag. Take it with you on a vacation, at the cottage, just anywhere so that you can continue in your training.

2. The exercise is performed via a patented pulley system. Each exercise can be performed smoothly and in the full range of the joint. As a result, the exercises are gentle on the joints and also suitable for the elderly and obese individuals.

3. It opens up brand new possibilities for exercising at home with your own body weight, in other words, it offers exercises especially for the deep stabilization system - core, which you cannot do with any other tool in the world. This exercise for core with your own weight will be especially appreciated by fit athletes.

4. Every movement is made easier by this exercise machine, so that even a complete beginner can smoothly and in the full range of the joint practice more demanding exercises, such as push-ups and pull-ups.

5. This is a bodyweight exercise, bodyweight exercise is the most natural and healthiest way to keep a healthy, flexible and resilient body at any age.

6. The cheapest home gym fitness machine in its category, compared to other professional home exercise machines, the XUpTrainer is more than half the price. However, the quality is professional home fitness equipment.

7. Online exercise videos with a fitness multi gym absolutely free. We did a big job and divided the exercises discovered so far with the fitness machine into categories according to muscle groups and multi gym settings. So you can easily and quickly find a video that is focused on your goals.

8. All needed equipment of an entire gym in one fitness machine. Previously, I worked at home exercises with clients with expanders, gymball, TRX, dumbbells, barbell, etc. Now I only carry the XUpTrainer fitness multi gym with me and I don't need anything else for quality training.

Maybe now it's a little clearer why I'm not afraid to say that this is the best fitness machine for your home gym or if you want the best exercise multi gym for home. XUpTrainer will be a good helper for your healthy, joint-friendly exercises at home. It will make me very happy if you contact me after purchasing the device and tell me your impressions of the exercise. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mgr. Ondřej Diviš
Author of fitness machine XUpTrainer, Personal Trainer at Home
Lector of Kung fu and Kung fu for children.

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